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    Capacity Planning

    IT capacity planning is a process for determining the IT infrastructure that will be required to meet future workload demands. It’s an essential discipline, but for most companies, it’s getting increasingly hard to find people who are capable of doing it. Many of the gurus with “Capacity Planner” as part of their professional title have retired without being replaced. There are fewer and fewer people with the detailed technical knowledge needed to make precise predictions, or even with the experience necessary to make “gut” predictions regarding future IT infrastructure needs. At the same time that capacity planning expertise has been disappearing, the task of capacity planning has been becoming both more important and more impossible. Capacity planning is more important because organizations are increasingly dependent on IT for success. Modern customers want on-demand services, meaning that companies can’t afford bottlenecks and inefficiency that last even a single minute. Capacity planning is becoming more impossible because IT today is more dynamic and complex. Applications run in rapidly-changing, multi-layered, virtualized, and cloud-based environments – even if there were enough capacity planning experts to go around, there’s rarely enough time anymore for them to do their jobs sufficiently.

    What GAVel gives?

    Are you now worried about your capacity planning? Well you don’t have to. GAVel’s predict engine can help you solve this issue with its capabilities. You could just feed in the data from your monitoring devices and GAVel could help you plan your capacity.

    Now this is where the things get more interesting. GAVel will help you by predicting the required or in other words give you what would be the peak utilization period, that would enable you plan your resources accordingly.

    GAVel could help with capacity planning of your disk, memory, CPU & network utilizations. Just pass in the minimal data that is needed for GAVel to give you accurate predictions and you are good. GAVel will provide you the response set and you can take it from there.

    How does GAVel predict?

    Well, we use Advanced Time series models to predict, when a particular disk or memory or CPU or even network bandwidth will be full with an actual date in the future, based on disk trends up to the present. This will help you in provisioning the space accordingly.

    As you see from the diagram above, GAVel will see the spike in trend by day 10 and tell you that day 18 is going to be the peak in utilization. Which would be the cause of failure.

    What does GAVel say.

    GAVel responds you with the date in future and also tells you if there is a spike and/or risk.