• Sentiment Analytics

    GAVel extracts sentiments real-time, evaluates and monitors change over a period of time. A combination of statistical modeling and predictive algorithms help extract sentiments scattered in call scripts, emails, surveys and social collaboration platforms.


    GAVel ESA platform answers the following questions for organizations:

    • GAVel platform present trends of chatters across various social media sites
    • Provides information on topics that are being discussed in the social media forum
    • Provides overall sentiment score and also trending pattern across social media sites
    • GAVel analyzes a defined universe of potential employees to understand their employment patterns, preferred technology and other related parameters
    • Provides insights on companies generally preferred by these organization and activities performed by those companies
    • The platform provides heat map of positive and negative feedback about the organization
    • This information is presented as brand strengths and weakness
    • It also provides information on what is the most perceived brand strength and weakness
    • Provides analysis on how each strength or weakness is trending
    • GAVel provides a insights on the sentiment of competitors and their brand strength and weakness
    • Compares the organization metrics with the metrics of other organization to create a benchmark
    • Based on the analysis of competitor and the perceived brand strength and weakness vis-à-vis the competitors, GAVel provides insights on activities that needs to be done
    • GAVel provides intelligent insights into branding strategy
    • Once a particular branding exercise is launched, GAVel will answer the chatter across the various channels to determine the effect of the branding exercise