• Service Intelligence

    GAVel’s Service Intelligence component prevents occurrence of critical business incidents due to infrastructure or application issues, through effective use of prescriptive and predictive algorithms. The monitoring logs provide insights into event patterns and critical thresholds that could result in detecting a future outage. This helps in proactive remediation and drive increased uptime of systems.

    The Service Intelligence component helps predict CPU/IO wait state, network, and memory issues. It monitors all generated events and removes false positives, while highlighting the critical events. The platform also predicts potential failures of applications/infrastructure based on current events and historical behavior of systems in the enterprise, thereby, reducing critical incidents and leading to increased uptime.


    GAVel empowers the Server Agent in areas of server monitoring for any possible downtime, gather server health status and proactively organize maintenance activities way ahead of issue occurrences. It prioritizes the servers for immediate action based on high business impact, priority and severity.


    Plugged into any monitoring tool

    GAVel offers extensive flexibility as it can be plugged into any monitoring tool such as WhatsApp Gold, SolarWinds, OMS, AppDynamics, Dynatrace and New Relic and helps bridge the gap between these tools.


    Provides unique Mobility user experience

    GAVel’s superior blend of next-generation technologies provide a unique user experience in terms of mobility.


    Easy to use Application

    GAVel can be accessed anytime and anywhere – from a variety of devices. Choice is with you.


    Accessed via Hyperlink

    GAVel does not require the installation of a native application on any of these devices and is available via a common hyperlink.

    What does GAVel provide?

    360° View

    Integrates multiple streams of information to provide 360° view of the enterprise. Correlates multiple streams to provide better root cause analysis


    Faster & Streamlined Operations

    GAVel provides quicker information to the user, thereby reduces the MTTR. Virtual supervisor identifies the best technician to work on a given incident


    User Satisfaction

    GAVel Social Analytics accurately measure user satisfaction. GAVel’s lucid UI interface helps in setting expectations with users, to reduce negative CST


    Reduce System unplanned Outages

    GAVel predicts future performance issues/outages based on current events. It reduces the unplanned downtime of the infrastructure


    Removes false Positives

    With GAVel’s event identification algorithm, the system has the capability to see which events are potential issues and which are not. Reduces the manual effort that are required to check these alerts and improves efficiency