• it operation analytics

    GAVel is the next-generation predictive intelligence platform for your data center operations. It offers real-time, end-to-end visibility into an enterprise’s operations, processes and user experience. GAVel aggregates information from underlying monitoring systems and ITSM ticketing system to correlate human intelligence data with machine data to provide predictions. Machine learning will sift through massive amount of variety of ticket data, monitoring information and device data.



  • Service Desk

    GAVel’s Service Desk component enables enterprises to view day-to-day functioning of IT operations, leading to improved transparency and user experience. Predictive algorithms enable technicians to pre-empt and resolve incidents. It provides the status of tickets through dynamic visualization and uses statistical models on past incidents to help assign accurate estimated time to resolve issues thereby improving customer satisfaction.

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  • Service Intelligence

    GAVel’s Service Intelligence component prevents occurrence of critical business incidents due to infrastructure or application issues, through effective use of prescriptive and predictive algorithms. The monitoring logs provide insights into event patterns and critical thresholds that could result in detecting a future outage. This helps in proactive remediation and drive increased uptime of systems.

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    Social Analytics

    GAVel's Social Analytics platform provides organizations with insights on their workforce and also how to attract new talent. It allows the organization to understand their employees better and in real time and accurately measures the user satisfaction.


    Customer Stories

    A large leading bank is using GAVel social analytics capability to analyze their employee sentiment to retain talent and also acquire new talent with targeted branding. GAVel pulls data about the customer and their competitors to provide inputs on their brand strengths and weakness for their branding strategy.